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What tension can arise if you throw the audience back on their feelings instead of their ratio?

What happens if I don't give the audience answers but ask them questions?

As a filmmaker i'm in search for the limits of narrative structures. I'm trying to explore alternative approaches to understand and question my own - and social world. Trying to find how I could direct the public in a subconscious way.


For me film is not so much about the narrative, more about the experience.It is about expectations and about pushing boundaries in the desire to feel. Not only in the narrative of the characters, but also in the relationship between me and the public.


02 portfolio

Lotte has Usher's syndrome. Slowly she will become deaf and blind. Her time is uncertain: she does not know when and she does not know in what form it will present itself. To sustain herself, she must keep going. Because standing still and having time to think means the thought of Usher will burn.

are we not drawn onward - drawn onward to new era  (fragment)

2nd year filmschool


Leaving home is hard when you can’t walk. But staying in a place where you don’t have to walk at all is even harder. A mother obsessively cares for her daughter who is sick and unable to walk. Until she discovers that her daughter is only presenting herself to her as incapacitated and pretending to be sick.

HOME is a short fiction film about two characters who hold each other captive.

A film about the freedom of walking (away), the risk of standing on your feet and the deceiving safety of a child’s position.

HOME - expected in 2024
debut film


written & directed: floortje pols

script & director's coach: urszula antoniak

produced by studio biarritz - corine meijers

supported by the dutch filmfund shorts & afk

Schermafbeelding 2024-04-29 om 18.27.44.png

a story about the art of seduction


DRY RUN - in development


writer/director: floortje pols

script & director's coach: urszula antoniak


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